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Saturday, February 21, 2009

HGP Mission

aii...i am here to bloqq again...yesterday went back HGP...

the stupid Sean ask hyme where is hyme

he say reaching liao den i go bus=stop

wait fur hyme den he go to the direction to his house

den i say dun tel me u wan go back home put yr bag

den he say ya larh...Den i wait fur hyme at the lift

den qian wen and her friend saw me n ask me

i live here meh den i say n o...i waitin furr friend den thay sae oh...

den i saw joyvn n his friend den sean com down and pass the basketball to joyvn

den ltr we walk to skol but he walking at a different direction i ask hyme where u goin

he nvr answer

den qian wen saw me and shou:"Cheyl,u two stead arr?"

I say:"no larh he my friend nia...

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