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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Post post

hihi..here to post again...I find something funny...i am thinking that when you are in primary schools you say you will not forget each other and will contact each other everyday after school but at the end never..now we will forget pri skol friends and will only remember sec skol friends....nothing stays forever...next next week goin camp le...so eager lor..bt cannot bring hp go sian lor...bt at least got friends larh..hahas...another second thing is that when we choose a school we will ask each other which school we go to and after that will ask dem how's their skol and also wad cca they in...Anyway,for those who wan know wad cca i join,i join badminton...for the reason why i join sports bt when i pri skol join dance becos i now grow fatter le larh den i wan slim down den i join sports lor...bt i got a little bit feel lyke joinin dance never mind badminton seniors are so good...they so kind and helpful...And the last thing which is funny is that my class got one boy dun tel you hu is it larh..keeping it a secret..that time we ask mrs wee regarding camp things den we tok tok tok until clothes den mrs wee say remember wear dark colour shirt den that boi ask"Mrs wee,why must we wear dark colour shirt?Den mrs wee shake her head den after a while he replied"ohh..i know cos dark colour absorbs i heat den me and my friend was lyke omg lor...den a boi sitting behind him replies his question"we wear dark colour shirt as when we spray water at on our clothes we won't c the two thing...den is like the whole class laugh...den mrs wee said"i no need reply.... den..after awhile we need to do a proposal for our cip.Our cip need decorate toilet,den need some observations...den that similar boi raise his hand say that he know...den let him answer lorr...den he said"ppl anyhow aim den make the toilet so dirty...den the whole class laugh again..ai yo...so funny lor...and somemore so disgust...eeks...Let's tok about my CCA.My CCA is BAdmiton.The training is on mon,tue and thurs.It starts straight after skol and ends at about 4 plus till 5.Den i join badminton,i bought badminton shoes and racket in total i think cost about 80 plus?Anyway thats all!!!Mon got history test...Sian lorr....Anyway,c ya remember taqq horr....

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