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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I met some jie in Bowen!!!They are senior bowenians!!!

Hihi,here to bloqq again...Let me intro all the jie,kor,mei,di,their pri skol and lastly their sec skol...
Jie: Pri Skol Sec skol Cca
Rena Xin Min Bowen Drama
Finn Xin Min Bowen GG
Shermaine Hougang Bowen -
Marilynn Hougang Prest High -
Emelynn Xin Min Bowen GG
Mei Yi CHIJ Bowen Military Band
Suzann - Bowen Military Band
Melissa Yio Chu Kang Bowen GG
Eileen Hougang Deyi -
Ting Ting Yio Chu Kang Hougang -
Ester - North Vista -
Felicia Hougang Chong Boon -

Bryan hougang hougang -
Sean hougang PeiCai maybe Basketball

Xin yu hougang yuying -

Wellace hougang Whitely -

This is all muaii family....

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