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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ai...so hyper sia...

Here 2 bloqq again..yesterday and today so fun sia...
we having orentation programme so the student counsils will be in charge of us...
let me tel uiee wad we do yesterday...we play while making new friends..
den after that abt 12.17 lyke tat
we started practicing our bowen cheer,
clap and so on....
let me tel you the cheer....
go,go bowen
go,go bowen
go,go bowen
yeah bowen
den the clap dunooe hw explain 2 uiee bt most bowenians will noe...
den after that gt smth so called song goes lyke this...
everywhere we go oh
ppl wan2 noe oh
hu we are
where we com frm...
we are frm bowen
mighty mighty bowen
super dupa bowen
den today we have alot of activities
bt gt 1 quite fun de is we play so call captain ball bt is captain sponge...
hahass..we deep the sponge in water den we play lyke captain ball
after that we need do a class cheer...
den our class cheer need a word regarding respect
rena suddenly think of a cheer also quite nice this is how it goes:
1,2,3,4,A2 A2 is the best
north,south,east,west respect...is wad we have
up,down,left,right we will win the war this time
we...will win the war,they.. ....will sweep the florr
we...will win the war.they...will sweep the floor...
we...will win the war,they...will sweep the floor
we....will win the war,they will sweep the floor....
the other cheer:
student coun:give me a R
student coun:give me a E
student coun:give me a S
student coun:give me a P
Student coun:give me E
student coun:give me a C
Student coun:give a T
respect,respect is what we have
den i ask some student coun their hp no
den they gib me n one of dem
which is Rena
has just becom muaii sis...hahas..
u noe larh those type de larh nt e real understand?Hahas

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