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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just leave if you don't intend to be in it.

Outing with mebitches & badminton mates. (Y)
They rock alrights?! All my troubles seems to be gone when I'm with them. They never fail to bring a smile to me. All th laughter I had came from them. They made my day. They are like a trunk, I'm th leaves. They supports me. They were th one that I can share my problems with & th one that I can be myself. :D

Pictures ;

Thanks fr being there whenever I need you guys. (Y)

Many things flash into my mind. Feeling that living in this world is a fear. :O Everyone is a fear. I trusted a wrong person. A person that I thought he/she would never betray me actually betrayed me. Hurting me with him/her words. Never assume things when you don't even know what is it.

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