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Friday, June 4, 2010

Th days you never experienced.

Hey! I'm back from Bowen Sports Camp :D One word to describe. Impressive. Woke up @ 6.22am and starts to prepare my stuff. After that, went to Durene house downstairs, saw MeLin. We went up to her house to pass her th container to store her shampoo and soap. After that, walked to school with one bag in th front, another bag at th back. We looks like a alien who just got down th UFO :X Reached school & assemble @ Parade Square. Opening session by th vice-principal and we had to fill up th form given. After that, we proceed to th basketball court to have a briefing fr our Amazing Race. After listening, we went to our respective roon to put our stuff in. With th least amount of time, we were too blur. After that, we went back to th basketball court to have our instructors introduce to us and starts to have group name and cheer. We had a cloth, which is a colour of maroon. We tied it on our shoulder. Soon, it's our turn to rush to our respective venues.
Check Point 1 :
We took bus 103 to Serangoon Int and took MRT (Circle Line) to Stadium. After a while, we finally reached and we walked to our destination. Had to do duck walk up th stairs and collect all th missing puzzle and combine it together after we had finished. We had to memorise all th things in a paper so as to reply th question formed in th puzzle.
Check Point 2 :
We walked to th Indoor Stadium. Th activity is that we are given a A3 size paper and we had to cut and let everyone in th group to pass through th paper without tearing. Was quite a difficult job but we had lots of fun :D
Check Point 3 :
We was lost :X We didn't know where to go. WE took bus 16 and got down @ th 2nd Stop. Walked all th way to th beach and we are supposed to form and raft and let 5 of our members to do rafting to get our next destination clue. Wasn't a success as when they are coming back, all of them dropped into th water.
Check Point 4 :
All of us cannot tahan th hunger liao, but we have no choice as th 5 people in our group went down to th water alr and they are wet. So we have no choice but to finish th next water check point. Was too afraid to sit but th instructor sat beside me and i wasn't doing anything. I'm sorry, group 9 ):
Favourite time! Went to th leisure park and change to a new set of clothing. Went to eat burger king. I bought a small french fries but still couldn't finish it :X After that, proceeded to check point 5.
Check Point 5 :
Train down to City Hall to th Youth Park. Had to use th index finger to move th hu-la hoop down. We ran down to th MRT to take to Raffles.
Check Point 6 :
Went to Raffles and had to do one activity. Th activity is that 13 of us have to hold th cloth and maintain th marble on th syrofom cup. Had to take 26 steps before completeing our check point.
Check Point 7 :
Last check point! :D Train down to esplanade and had to do th activity. 13 of us will be splitted into 2 groups. First group will be blindfolded and th second group must instruct them where to go in order not to step on th poker cards lay on th floor.
Check Point 8 :
Which is Bowen. We took Bus 70 down to Bowen. But we made th wrong choice. We was late. But we wasn't th latest :D Although we did not get anything, but at least, we bond together and have fun together :D
After finishing all th tasks, we went to bathe, follow by dinner. After that, we went up to th Lecture Theatre (LT) fr th talk. Was freaking hot @ th canteen but it was cooler in th Lecture Theatre (LT) :D After th talk, we went to have supper. After that, lights out @ 10.40pm. Couldn't get to sleep and we was chit chatting away :D Slept @ 5 plus. Cool right ? :X
2nd Day :
Woke up @ 6.10pm and we was actually late. It was too vigorous fr th morning exercise :X After that, breakfast. After breakfast was cross CCA Training. Train fr Basketball & Soccer. Cannot tahan manz! Too hot alr! Lucky I'm in Badminton :X After th training, we went to th hall fr briefing and we was dismissed back to our room. Had lunch @ 12pm - 2pm. After that, we went to Lecture Theatre (LT) fr th talk (: After that, CCA Teachers took over. After that, that marks th end of th camp.

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