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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bowen Sports Team (L)

Hey! Cheryl's back! :D Missed me? *Bhb* Hmm, ^ up there, is some of th instructors fr our Sports Camp Day 1 camp activity : Amazing Race. They are friendly :D Seriously, I would really want to thank Ms Chia and th instructor which has th sunglass on his hair in th picture :D Thanks fr making me overcome and had lots of fun in th camp. I truly appreciate it! (: Hope we can have th same camp again soon (:
060610, I wonder where do I stand in your heart.
Having headache in th morning. Kept thinking of th wonderful camp. Seriously, everytime after camp, I will seriously be regretting and sad over stuff. I have no idea why too :X I love 030610&040610 because that's th only period I get to bond with our CCA members and WE really BOND AS A BOWEN TEAM.

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