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Monday, May 31, 2010

My path of life is difficult.

  • Durene's house bus-stop.
  • Bus to compass point.
  • Lrt to farmway.
  • Had training @ SengKang Sports Hall.
  • Walked to Compass Point after th training ended.
  • Proceeded to POPULAR to buy Science & English assessment book.
  • Bused back home.
  • Aunt's car to Singapore Expo.
  • Ate my lunch over there @ 4 plus.
  • Took pictures :D
  • Aunt's car back to grandma house @ 9 plus.
  • Aunt's car back home @ 10 plus.

Last day of th month: This month was practically a busy and tiring month. Had Mid-year examination. Had a tough battle. Although, i lost 1/4 of th battle, but I'm sure that I can win th next battle with 101% of my effort. Realised lots of stuff in just a month. Being good to others, but some take it fr granted. Seriously, why can't people cherish th people around them?

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