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Saturday, May 29, 2010

A thing may look small to you, but it can change a life of a person.

Today wasn't a bad day afterall. Woke up @ 8.30am but continue lying on my bed till 8.33am :X Damn lazy :/ After that, waked my brother up and went down to take bus 88. Was freaking hot until i got up th bus. *Enjoying th air-con* Super relaxing, but after 3 stops, we got down :X Went to buy BAO fr my brother as his breakfast. Bought two somemore. After that, still got time, asked him to pei me go buy th carrot cake fr my aunt, grandma, Cousin Joey and lastly, MYSELF :X Th queue was super long. Argh! After that, brother thn tell me that he forgot to bring water bottle -.- Went to buy soursop drink fr him. After that, brought him to his tuition centre and crossed th road to th opposite bus-stop. Wait kinda long fr Bus 88 to grandma house. While waiting, was sweating. My goodness! Weather in Singapore isn't that good ohh! Drink lots of water ohh people! Hmm, finally Bus 88 came and air-con, here i come! *Act cute :X* After that, reached grandma house. Had air-con too <3>Insertmillionhearts* <3>Oh ya! Before I forgot, miss me from Thursday till Friday ohh! :X Won't be @ home. Why? Because i'm camping in school fr th Sports camp. Woots! Lovezxcitmanz! Got amazing race ohh! Text me people during that period because i'm 101% sure I can't fall asleep on Wednesday night and Thursday night :X Especially Thursday night ohh! Planning nooooooooooooooooot to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep :D

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