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Saturday, April 24, 2010

'Once a moodswinger, forever a moodswinger'

I'm just a bitch that will have moodswing.
Please mind your attitude when talking to her.
Sometimes she can take jokes but sometimes she can't.
So don't joke with me when i ask a serious question.
I may be fat, but i'm already trying to slim down.
So stop all your nonsense.
It is obvious that i'm FAT right. So don't need to tell me because i know.
But please, do you guys know your words may hurt my heart.
It may seems like i don't care, but seriously, i'm gonna break down really soon.
Not only i heard this in my school, at home, i was said to be fat too.
Is it th wrong thing fr me to come to this world?
It seems like i'm born just to suffer things that i shouldn't have suffered.
Do you guys really think i want to be?
NO! I also want to be as slim as normal girls.
So please. Spare a feeling fr me.
Think before you speak.

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