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Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflection 2009

Today is th first day of th year .
Wanna do some reflection .
hmm , let me think back about what i have done .
hmm , went to Bowen sec as this is my secondary school friend .
Joined badminton as a CCA & it's fun !
I want to thanks all those friends thatb had made me laugh & cry .
I really appreciate it && i want our friendship to last as long as time times goes .
Wanna write something fr friends .
Ashly ; Congrats for being a captain (:
You are really a good friend that i can trust !
Good luck in your studies & badminton too !
We must win th North-zone alrights ?
it is a MUST !
Thanks fr cheering me up when i lost th match.
Christel ;
Congrats for being a treasurer !
I really wanna thank you fr beinjg such a good friend to me .
We MUST do our best fr studies & badminton okay ?
thanks fr cheering me up when i lost th match.
Durene ;
You are a great friend !
Hmm , you are always there fr me .
You are there to cheer me up when i'm sad & i feel more relieve when i talk to you.
Jiayou in studies & badminton okay ?
We must promote to EXPRESS alrights ?
haas , thanks for pairing with me in double(:
MeiLin ;
Thanks fr peiing me go my grandma house whenever i need to go .
&& really thanks alot.
hmm , jiayou fr studies & badminton okay ?
no matter what , you can come to me fr help derh(:
JiaJie ;
Congrats for being a captain fr sec 3(:
You are a great senior !
You are always there whn i need you .
You were there to support me when i'm having a match .
You were also there to cheer me up when i lost th match .
I really appreciate it & jiayou in studies & badminton okay ?
WanLing ;
you are a great senior too .
you will point out what's my mistake .
thanks .
Jiayou for studies & badminton alrights ?
&& MUST win th North-Zone next year !
Chengyi ;
Hi cheng yi !
haas , hmm , happy to be with you 1 year .
You are very cheerful !
Haas , jiayou fr your studies & badminton too alrights ?
JiaNi ;
You are a great friend !
Hmm , you are there when i'm sad & you gossip with me !
We had a clique yeahhs(:
&& it have lasted 5 months lerh !
I really thank you fr being there fr me when i need & thanks fr bing my friend .
Jiayou fr studies && hope next time when i gt my freedom , we shall go out okay ?
Love you truckloads !<3

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