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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pissed me off -.-

Heyhey , CCA Carnival was fun .
Took lots of pictures yeahhs (:
Hmm , woke up @ 6 plus & left th house @ 7 .
Waited fr Christel @ th bus stop at Hougang Point .
Ate 2 hashbrowns .
haas , && pei Christel up to th NTUC to buy Fbt .
Walk to Bowen . Saw lynn & Eunice they all .
After that , keep asking people to join badminton yeahhs(:
But most of their answer is , let me consider first . LOL
Hmm , after that , went up to th gallery to watch th performances .
After that , went to eat @ Hougang Point .
On th way walking to Hougang Point , had lots of fun9 && took lots of girls group photo (:
Enjoy today !
It is really very memorable !
Although i know th battle is tough but i'm prepared . Is either we trash them or they trash us , why not we trash them ? I know everything is tough but we still have to fight ! Can't possible work hard fr 1 whole year and give up just like this . It is not worth & i know that everybody don't want their effort to be waste right ? LOL , i don't know what i'm talking . && please luhh hor ! So what if thailand very good and you all got silver ? Does that prove that you are th best ? Please luhh ! Do you know one word call humble ? I just realise you are SO " HUMBLE" wor ! Please luhh hor ! SO what if badminton don't have any achievement ? You want achievement right ? You wait and see . JUST WAIT && SEE . Don't say until as if you very pro luhh hor . Why not you join badminton and let me see ? Want talk so much is it ? You never think it will hurt others feeling th right ? What if i like that say back to you , you also will not happy derh right ? Do you know you pissed me off ?! Please luhh ! Want compare is it ? Different luhh hor ! Totally different luhh hor ! Please luhh ! I still treat you as my classmate , don't let me feel you that you are not worth hao bu hao . Disgusting ! Say badminton shit shit right ? FINE ! You will see it yourself ! Not everyone can tolerate . I'm tolerating . Don't sad a word about badminton sucks if not i will not be able to tolerate anymore . Everyone have a limit derh . Don't take it fr granted . I don't wish to write down your name , if not you will feel embarrased ! Oppsy , forgotten you very thick-skin derh loh . And ask your senior don't say anything about Badminton . If i get to hear , my cca friends will also be pissed derh -.-

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