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Friday, January 8, 2010

Life was totally different.

Hey guys , things have really change . Everybody changed . && i felt that Sec 2 life sucks ! Okay , badminton is as per normal but speaking truthfully , i really felt that i'm closer to CCA friends thn classmates . I am really ! I guess all of us are too . This sucks ! People say i'm talkative . Ya ! I am , i change alrights ? Happy ? I shall just change . Since i'm talkative , i shall just keep my mouth shut . I sucks luhh ! I am utterly disappointed on myself ! -.- no one is gonna change me anymore . I have set my mind to keep quiet if not people say i talkative , not serious and talk alot -.- Yeahhs , i do have moodswing . You can ask people around . They will know it . && those people changing are th one that are th closest to me . But i am not going to say out who they are . Just hope that me and theirs friendship will last . Now chatting with Christel , thanks christel . Yeahhs , we are experiencing th same thing and feeling . I am starting to feel i am going to be alone in Sec 2 lerh . No one gives a damn to me . Ya , i can see so . I agree ! I suck ! Times have really been different since th starting of 2010 . Thought that 2010 is a good year but actually it was not . It is no better thn 2009 . I simply can't talk things out with those people... I really want to talk to people but i can't find people to talk to except fr Christel . No one will know those feelings what me & Christel are experiencing derh . I could only say , CHANGED ! && i ask why she ps me , she say she want to be independent . Fine , okay . I shall just be alone in class && in badminton . No point when people feels that i'm talkative . Th only word that can describe best of me was th word ' SUCK' ! I hate all this life i had . Bye friends . I will nt be th talkative girl anymore . I shall just be alone fr everytime . Just leave me alone people . I don't want people to be close with me just to sympatize me . I no need that . Bye people ,
Always alone,

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