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Monday, November 16, 2009

Class Outing<3

Hmm , today training is weird as there is no seniors and there is only 4 sec one girls and 5 sec one boys . Today , Mr izwan asked Wee Siong to lead us for doing warm up yeahhs . Thn do all th drills our ownself as we have enough court for us . We do a lot of things and there is no physical yeahha(: that's good right ? Laughs, hais . Today damn suai siol , cos i forgot to change my battery . Thn i have to keep on off th phone yeahhs, hais. People , can you just tag my blog ? Oh ya . Class outing yeahhs, hmm , as what in th class bloq . We can go have BBQ or we go book a chalet without staying overnight yeahhs, i bet it will fun ehs, hope everyone will be able to attend yeahhs. So looking forward and also if you think this two place not fun or not good to have a class outing , suggest any place in th class blog yeahhs, Make th class blog alive yeahhs , 1A2 ohhhh ! LOL

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