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Friday, October 16, 2009

Cheryl back to posting(:
FINALLY EOY finish lerh !
i am super happy luhh cann !
Just now , Durene came to my grandma house (:
She came to eat .
Thn she stayed a little longer to play with my baby cousin(:
We wanted to create a dance but we keep choosing songs .
We bought alot of things(:
We blew balloons and th bubble(:
It is damn fun derh cann !
Next time , i will ask her come again !
2 more days to JiaNI birthday lerh(:
Wanna wish her happy advance birthday(:
Happy 3rd month anniversary missy insane-ss !
i love you guys larh !
Hope i cann get good results wor !

This is what me and durene blew th balloons(:

This is damn big cann ! LOL !
What a mess !

Tag replies !
;vivian , thanks for your taq and i will link you derh !
;jennifer , thanks for your taq and your wishing(:
;JiaNi , i remember ! I will stay happy derh(:
;Christel , Hello ! Thanks for yr taq !
;Jearl , hi ! will relink you soon(: miss you too !
;XueQi , thanks for your taq ! iloveyou !
;farhan , o.o , thanks anyway(:
;l0nl3y-b0i , hello ! thanks !
;Jolene , hello ! you more chio larh ! Last long wor !
;MINGHUI , hello(:
;LIXUAN , Hello mei ! thanks for your taq !

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