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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Th precious days

Woke up early in th moring at around 8 plus .
went to meet sheena in th school to take her basketball .
Played basketball with friends .
That's fun .
They came to my house downstairs derh basketball court to play .
After playing a while , we went to th coffee shop to buy drink .
He took out th poker cards and we started to play .
After that , we went to play basketball a while .
They went home at around 12 plus .
Left with me and durene .
We waited for Tiffany to come down and play with us .
When tiffany come , we play a while .
I throw th ball , and th ball stuck between th net .
We was so hopeless .
I was damn scared cann !
After that , called melvin yong for help .
That was so urgent !
Really thanks a lot to him !
After that , we took bus back to Bowen to return th ball to sheena and buy drinks for tiff and durene . 241009
Stayed at home .
Doing nothing .
Now , i'm plurking .
Babes and hunks , remember !
View and taq my blog .
That's really bored !
Love is just a game which can't last . Love really hurts and why must we suffer when we love th person ? I don't understand but why am i still wanting a relationship to happen ? Why ? I really hope that love doesn't exist .
Danise ;
Thanks for texting me when i'm bored and when you saw my plurk .
I love you larh !
No one should snatch her away from me okay !
JiaNi ;
Happy belated birthday , Cherry !
hee !
I miss her cann !
Love chatting with her on phone and texting too(:

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