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Sunday, September 13, 2009

i'm just too naive

Super sad cann ?
hais .
don't know what's wrong with love .
but i must tell myself , no matter what , i will never trust love anymore .
maybe we are not fate to be couple bah .
hais .
i should just accept it .
no point having a relationship with a guy that don't have feeling for her .
ya .
it hurts , but what can i do ?
only times cann heal th wound and forget everything .
maybe is we are too naive .
there isn't a love so simple .
maybe we should just be best friends .
i do feel hurt , but i promise we will never be enermy yea._.
hmm .
that's all i wanna say .
so .
th only thing i cann say is : find a better girl .
and i will give you my best wishes(:

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