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Saturday, September 19, 2009


hmm .
here to post again wor !
hmm .
monday no training and school cos is a public holiday mah .
hahas .
so hmm .
kinda bored now .
i love ahdyyyy luhh !
which is trudy , my gansteadstead !
she rock my life , babe !
i suddenly felt that me and her very close le(:
hmm .
i love cheryl twinnydearie too(:
she so cute lor .
hahas .
i know her through fs de wor .
hahas .
hmm .
must tag more wor !
scared later my blog die die liao .
hmm .
i scared i like ahem back sia .
but i will try not too .
if not hor , some ppl will say i "DUA HONGSTER"
damn sucker !
hais .
hmm .
not really happy with my life lor !
just now , father say rest your eye , dhen i was like orks .
dhen gt ppl msn me mah...
dhen i type , he saw , scold me sia .
damn sucker lor !
i simply♥my gans and friends and also MY BABY COUSIN!!!
she so cute lor !
ilovealiveher !
when she grow up , she will surely be chiobu de wor !
i also love cupcake sis !
i♥mavis !
she's very good to me !

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