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Friday, August 21, 2009

Today never go school=.=
hais .
miss Jiani,durene,meilin and more leh .
hais .
yesterday went to see doc .
doc say that my throat got abit infection .
so doc gave me two MC .
today woke up , wait until recess time , i called boon fu(Kor).
he ask me call melvin .
dhen i say for what dhen he say chat luhh .
i called melvin , dhen that benjamin say that is "NATURAL DISASTER!!!'
super angry .
dhen text melvin and boon fu after that .
after school , called melvin , talk talk talk .
dhen he say what he don't believe that i sick .
dhen say what i sick still cann talk on phone .
hais .
sad .

i don't understand why i everytime i like th guy is i should not like de .
i cannot tell him that i love him if not he will avoid me for some reason de .
sad sad .
hais .
i miss him leh .
my heart really ache as i can't really tell anyone about that .
but truely, i have given up on shawn le .

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