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Friday, August 14, 2009

hais .
i somehow regreted coming into bowen .
why can't we just tell the person you don't like him/her .
but wann to backstab him/her behind their back leh ?
i really don't understand !
hmm . let's talk about yesterday .
yesterday went to school .
in th morning , meilin text me and ask me to help her take th class dairy .
after that , we went for morning assembly at parade square .
after that CE.
after school , history supplementary.
took back our history test paper and chinese test paper .
history test = 17/40 (Failed)
chinese test = 44/80 (Just passed)
history test only 4 ppl pass .
after supplementry , went to take bus with meilin , durene and ashly to HSH[:
reach there at around 3 plus .
did warm up , and foot work .
after that , had lobbing with 2 sec3 guys .
after , we had a chance to play double , we play until half way , mr lim ask us to stop .
as we need to do physical .
that's super tiring!
we need do 20 push up , 20 sit up and need run .
total 3 sets!
we did 20 push up le and 20 sit up .
but when we doing sit up half way , mr lim ask us to start from 0 again .
we did it over and over again le .
damn tiring .
i don't think is 20 lor .
hahas .
but it's okay(:
as i enjoyed it .
but everytime i do physical , i will have th feeeling wann vomit .
i also don't know why .
very tiring!
after that , went to HGM .
pei durene go hougang mall to top up her Ez-link card(:
she's my forever friend!
she is really a great friend!
dhen she took 72 home .
me and meilin waited for 101 .
i went home th kopitiam and i recieved ivan's message .
he ask me to call him .
i can't call le .
cos l8r over again .
dhen text ivan and melvin .
hahas .

went to school .
after that , durene ,angela,danise,jiani,edlyn,meilin,irfasha,nasrah and me whole group go into th class together .
mrs wee kinda shock .
when i was walking in th class , mrs wee say :" wa!party arr!
i say ya . somemore is disco party(:
after that went to D&T .
went into th theory room and had our D&T test 3 .
kinda tough-.-
after that , went to maths homeroom for maths .
cool !
got air conditioner!
after that , went for CE lesson .
after that , talk to ms tan , our co-form with angela,durene and meilin .
till 1 plus .
after that , went home to take tuition stuff and put my school bag at home .
currently at my grandma house .
l8r meeting zhabors at tuition there(:
2 more days to 1st month anniversary with Clique(JIAYING,SHEENA,JIANI&&CHERYL)
3 more days to 2nd month anniversary with SIAOZHABOHS(ALYSSA,JESSLYN,CASSIDY&&CHERYL)


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