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Saturday, July 18, 2009


Clique !
Jia Ying , Sheena , Jia Ni and me .
hahas . Sheena said that she will buy badge to represent our clique .
16o7o9 is loved !
that's when the clique is created !

Today , wake up at the morning and wear my pe attire and take bus 325 to Durene's house .Durene , i'm sorry ! need you to wait for me for so long . Really sorry . After that went to Hougang Point . After that , walk to Bowen Sec. Training was tough ! But okay luhh . Shock to know that he never come for badminton . Kind of sad cos today his birthday mah . wnated to pass him a letter but he today never come so no choice mon dhen pass him . Dhen we need to do skipping . Durene keep asking coach for discount .She ask if we cann only jump for 5 sets of 100 .He say unless we do 50 push up .i said "REALLY?"He say ya . In the end is we do one push up must stay at that position . no choice . must perservere , dhen continue . but cannot tahan .So we say if we do , he need to treat us bubble tea and he agreed ! Then we continue to do ! After that , went out of the school . We ask Mr lim to fetch us and he agreed ! OMG ! i cannot believe it ! After that went to buy bubble tea and we took a taxi to compass . Mei lin say that go her house dhen we from her house walk to compass . The taxi driver damn bastard de lor . Everything also don't know . At there laugh . Keep turning a big round . Very angry le cos go home sure tio scolding de . After we got of the bus at not exactly our location , i feel like crying . My eyes is full of tears but i just can't cry out . Luckily got Durene , if not i sure cannot take it de . Thanks Durene ! After that went to compass to help mummy take the brochure . wait for 156 to get home . When i reach home , tio scolding straight away . I never explain to her what happen but she like don't understand me like that . She say i care about my friends and myself never care about her . i did ! i already ask my friend to hurry le . really not my fault . Never mind . maybe my fault bah .

Today is his birthday ! Thought he got come training but no . I sms him , he never reply but i sms his brother , his brother replied me . Yea . his twin brother . younger de .
*i'm not supposed to love you *I may not get to see you * loving you was a crime.
i'm not supposed to care as often as i like.I may missing you was a sins
i'm not supposed to live my life not get to hold you in my when i know it's wrong
wishing you were there arms all through the for me to love you
i'm not supposed to wonder night.But deep in my why am i still so silly to
where you are or what you do heart I truly know , you're love you!
i'm sorry i can't help myself the one that i love, and I loving you was hard:C
cause i'm in love with you ! can't let you go. Is this love?

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