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Friday, June 5, 2009

Quiz tagged by Angeline PreciousBaby]
All of the 14 people must do this quiz , unless he/she doesn't have a blog.
Write the name of 14 people you can think off the top of your head.
Then answer the question.
(Not in order)

1.Shermaine XingganBaobeiix !
2.XueQi Twinny !
3.Angeline Precious Baby !
4.Victoria Couple baby !
5.Shawn !
6.MingHui Chiobu couple !
7.Cassidy LaoPo !
8.Alyssa Precious Sweethart !
9.Jia Jie !
10.Shirely Xinggan !
11.Trudy Gan Steady !
12.Jolene Steadyyy !
13.Angela Gan Baby
14.MeiLin SweetHeart !

1. How did you get to meet 7 ? {Cassidy}
>Tuition !
2. What would you do if you&&13 never met?{Angela}
3. What would you do if 1 & 12 date?{Shermaine & Jolene}
>I will be shock unless they are les .?
4.Have you ever seen 14 cry?{MeiLin}
>Yup! Alot of times liao !
5.Would 4 & 11 be a good couple?{Victoria & Trudy}
6.Do you think 11 is attractive ?{Trudy}
>OF COS!!!!
7.What's 2's favourite colour?{XueQi}
>idk! So sorry!
8.When was the last time you talked to 9?{JiaJie}
> During badminton training !
9.What language does 8 speak?{Alyssa}
10.Who is 13 going out with?{Angela}
11.What grade is 12 in?{Jolene}
12.Would you ever date with 10?{Shirely}
>haas . nope . we're NOT les .
13.Where 5 live?{Shawn}
>Somewher in singapore .
14.What's the best thing about 3?{Angeline}
>She is cute & understanding ! ilovehersupersuperlots!!!
15.What would you want to tell 10 now?{Shirely}
16.What is the best thing about 8 ?{Alyssa}
17.Have you ever kissed 5 ?{Shawn}
18.What was the best memory have with 7?{Cassidy}
>When we zilianing!!!
19.When's the last time you're going to see 6?{MingHui}
>When i close my eyes completely .
20.How is 14 and 12 different ?{MeiLin & Jolene}
>12 is chioer dhen 14 . Indeed ! No offence to 14 .
21.Is 6 pretty?{MingHui}
22. What was the first impression of 11?{Trudy}
>She is Cute!
23.How did youu meet 5?{Shawn}
>In Bowen . In Badminton training!!!
24.Is 1 your best friend?{Shermaine}
>Nope ! My XingganBaobeiix!!!ilovehersimplymuch!!!
25.Do you hate 12?{Jolene}
>Of cos not luhh . She my stead sia !
26.Have you seen 4 on the last month?{Victoria}
>Nope ! I miss her max!!!
27.When was the last time you say to 3?{Angeline}
>Today! I love her . I also love 04.06.09
28.Have you been to 5's house?{Shawn}
>Of cos not luhh!He my kor sia .
29.When's the next time you gonna see 10?{Shirely}
>Not sure leh!
30. Are you close to 13?{Angela}
>Not really?
31.Have you been to a movie with 4 before?{Victoria}
>Nope! I miss her like hell!
32.Have you ever gotton into trouble with 8?{Alyssa}
>Nope! We are precious sweethart wor !
33.Would you give 2 a hug?{XueQi}
>Of cos!
34.When have you lied to 3?{Angeline}
>I nvr ! I love her so much that i can't bear to lie to her.
35.Is 1 good with socializing ?{Shermaine}
>Yeah ! Of cos !

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