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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I cann go barbecue.
But...I hope Cassidy cann go .
I love all my gans okayy?
Edwinaa, I love you okayy .
Don't think otherwise or jealous .
You will for ever be my h0ney de.
You send me one of your pic dhen i will put your pic okayy?
I want all my gans pic.
Hope yo0u all send me .
Am i a play gal?
I don't know .
I felt that i am a failure in Love .
Why must i suffer in this world ?
I really don't understand!
Why must i still love a guy when i know he doesn't love me?
Can anyone help me?
I don't think anyone cann help me.
Only me myself need help myself .
I don't know what's wrong with me .

Tag replies:
Edwinaa T. ♥: i jealous ehs!
reply:honey,no need jealous de . You are already in my heart liao .
Edwinaa T. ♥: now have new qan post on bloq. you 1st qan me you bo post ehs.
reply:Sorry luhh honey. I will post you de okayy?
Edwinaa T. ♥: wah cheryl you really vehh qood
reply:Huh? What? I wher got good?
And more but i lazy post . How?

Precious Sweethart,woainiyibeizi<333

Promise me not to be sad anymore cann?

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