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Friday, May 8, 2009

VIVIAN♥:taqq ! (:
reply:thanks for tag(: anyway you want be my gan arr?
Pass-by: Im frm bowen too same age as youu . but i won tell who i am
reply:Orh...you are frm bowen wor?but why you don want tell me your name leh?Scared arr?And how you know they may not like me?
MEILIN:y0y0y0...hahas tAgg
reply:meilin,thanks for your tag.
♥ XueQi:Twinny . Dont care what the**** others say okay . They're just some idoits which is nameless .
reply:thanks twinny . You will forever be in my heart de . Nobody can replace you in my heart.C.HERYL ♥ X.UEQI .<3>
JASMINE: Hello sweetheart, you are linked!And TAGGED!
reply:Thanks for th tag and link yea . Forever loving you . C.HERYL ♥ J.ASMINE <3>
Christel: Hi Hi just tagging...
reply:Thanks for your tag anyway
reply:Thanks for your tag yea...
passer-by: wellace ? sec what?
reply:Why you want to know ? I thought you say you will not be tagging anymore what for waste my time typing the answer for you .
passer-by: dont think that there is a need to write my name there. i'm just telling you that your 3rd May 09 post, the people there may not like you. so i think you beware. i won't be tagging again
reply: hm....it is okayy if those ppl dun like me...i love them den okayy le...

Lionel:taggies n link mie
reply:thanks for tag and will link you up soon
Cassidy:Hello!My QinAi de.Tagg
reply:hello QinAi,WOAISINI<3
passerby: you know,some people there, on ur list, 3 may one may not really like you.
reply:can't uee just write yr big name?afraid of wad?anyway even if they don like me but i like them leh..
boonfu:Link Me TQ
reply: Will link you up soon yea
♥ XueQi: Twinny ! Tagged [:
reply:Thanks twinny .WOAISINI<3
jingwen<3:cheryl href="http://4evarlurbhim.blogspot.com/">http://4evarlurbhim.blogspot.com ! thx
reply:of cos i got miss you...anyway will link you up soon
edwinaa--x33: taqqedddd (:
&} LYSSA: tagged dardar ! tag me back ya?
reply:of cos dar WOAISINI<3
chyuan ming: tagged
reply: thanks...

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