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Saturday, March 7, 2009

hmm...thurs life wor...

Thurs 5th nov
On thurs went to sengkang stadium for trainin....before trainin we did warm up
and some other things and also did some footwork...after that we start our trainin le...
den we were putting our effort into it...as our cca was badminton...after trainin for about 3-4hrs
without luch as we started trainin at 2.30 and ends at 6...after traini,me,ashly,
durene,crystal and also mei lin..we went to the 7eleven to buy a drink
den i was like no hand to take a drink so i ask ashly to help me
take care of my badminton shoes and racket den when she pay for her drink
she put my things on the floor near the cashier den after i bought my drink i
wanted to pick up my things and i realised that y racket was lost..den i was like so damn scared
and i ask ashly where is my racket den she say she thought it was on the floor
den i say dun have...den she was curious den she go take a look and she say oh ya..
where's yr racket den i sae i dunno i very scared that my racket will be lost
den i ask meilin,crystan and durene too and they started to help me find
but cannot find den burst into tears and durene wanted to follow me up to the hall
but when i saw the seniors in the mac den i ask her to follow me in to ask the senior
whether they got saw my racket den when i go in was like all the seniors lookin at me
den i ask jia jie whether they got saw my racket den she sae no y?den durene help me tel
dem that my racket was lost den then the boy captain ask my seniors wad happen
den my seniors bring me to see my teacher den my teacher follow me to the place
and he ask the cashier den he was wandering aroung and saw one racket
and started askin me whether that was my racket den i sae ya..
den i was like cryin very badly den he sae no need to cry.,..
just treat this as a lesson..den he ask me to go wash face
if not ppl will tink tat he scold me den when i went out to collect my bag
den my friend sae u found yr racket arr?how u find it?d
en i sae is mr lim found it den ashly came forward and sae sorry to me
den i sae it is not yr fault...den when i was walkin past mac i said bye to mr lim
and thank hime den we walk to the LRT
den saw Hao fang den he ask y i cry den i was like keep quiet
den meilin sae i cry bcos durene cry den
while they were chatting i told hyme cos just now
i almost lost my racket den he sae oh..den i sae
bye den meilin sae wow..u waitin for yr gf arr den he sae his gf
is on top den meilin sae oh i c....den we walk away lor..

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