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Friday, December 5, 2008


Yesterday i g0 plaza sing with my mum 2 eat lunch den i went t0 the KFC
While i was eating,my bro t0ld me that he saw my friend
den i say where?after that i turn back and i saw wen yi n wan qin
we in the KFC keep chit chatting....blah blah...after that
they invited me 2 a chirstmas party which they had 0rganized....
After eating,we went t0 Orchard....my mum went there 2 repair her n0kia phone
after she gave the phone t0 the pers0n...we went 2 Sony Errison 2 collect as well as
repair my hp...is like...nw i have n0 fone t0 listen 2 musics...hmm....it is alright.

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