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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hmm....quite excited/Abt today's life

Hihi,here 2 post again....Hmm...today i wan post about i am quite excited abt smth....It is about tomorrow i noe which skol we posted 2....den i hope i can get in bowen...i wanna try midnight 12 logging in e website where we will noe which skol we get in....

Today i go muaii grandma house 2 eat den after tt meet muaii grandma neighbour den we go ICA(Immigration&Checkpoints Authority)together....But firstly my so call neighbour want go DBS 2 do smth den oso meet her daughter(Nathelie) there....When we reach toa pa yoe(dunnoe hw 2 spell),aunty go DBS den my bro go buy coke frm Mac den I go c the shirt or so call Jacket den i saw 1 very nice de den I tel my mum she say nice den she try quite nice den she bought it after tt I saw some shoes I found 1 very nice den my mum buy 1 pair of slippers 4 me den she saw those cute cute shoes den she decided 2 buy it for my baby gal cousin....When we meet each other,we take MRT to Lavendar.When we reach there,my mum,bro and me go 2nd floor den aunty&Nathelie go 3rd floor 2 make Identity Card while i go ask dem about my passport.After a while,we both finish le den we walk all e way 2 Jalan Bersar 2 eat prawn mee bt haven open den we go e nearest Mac 2 buy French Fries bt my bro keep insisting tt he wan chicken burger...den my mum buy after we eat finish they go buy popia....After tt we go the hawker centre 2 eat....den we like crazy de lor buy so many food....First aunty bought laksa den chicken rice den my mum bought wanton mee after tt buy satay total buy until 25 sticks of it.Sori i can't upload e photo cos my fone repair.Is like we sit there frm 5 plus till 8 plus.CAn you imagine hw long it is?Den we walk walk 2 Little India 2 take MRT back den we take until buangkok den we get down we buy bread 4 2mr breakfast.After tt,while waiting 4 bus 43,we keep chit chatting....such a interesting trip to ICA....

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