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Thursday, December 25, 2008

1)Wads yr full name?
Cheryl Lor Wan Ning
2)Do u lyke ur first name?
Errmm...a little bah..
3)how long have uiee lyke e person u currently lyke?
err....frm 28 nov till nw n it will be forever....4)Have you kissed anyone last 48 hrs?
Err...have lah...muaii mum....
5)Did u cry today?
6)Wad were u doin at 8 am today?
err...sleeping n breathing
7)wad u doin 1hr ago?
on the bus
8)wad u doin now?
guess leh of cos typing lah...such a silly question...
9)hu is the last person send you an text message?
darling regina
10)have you tel anyone u like hyme today?
yup...Darling regina
11)Do u miss anyone nw?
yes...i miss hyme,regina,chye fen n jennifer
12)do u have any plans for tomorrow?
13)wad was the reason behind tat the last time u cried?
where i end e freindship wif muaii crush...
14)Is there anyone u wan 2 be wif nw?
Ya...Him,Darling Gang and the laughter frm 6.7
15)Have u kissed anyone before?
16)Name someone hu make u smile today?hw?
Sean,Joeysean:he become my friend again.Joey:she is so cute 17)name a friend name start wibb Z.
Zi hui
18)Which of the freind stay closer to u?
Darling Gang n some darling which start wib S
19)U prefer sms or call?
Sms cos more privacy
20)Was ytd better den today?
21)can u live a day without comp,tv & hp?
No i will die
22)Are u mad wib anything nw?
23)Do u tink relationship are worth it?
I tink so....
24)last person u visited in a hospital?
my great grandma
25)when is ur last hugg?
err...forgot le....
26)Wad is ur last text message u received?
Yea i goin
27)how do u think abt ur life now?
filled with regrets....bcos i break wib someone....
28)Do u hate anyone nw?
yes...those tat spam muaii dearest bloqq....
29)Hu is the last person u called?
Darling Regina
30)Who usually send u text message?
errr.....nt really...mix mix...
31)Is ur room messy?
32)who will u be mad if yr rm is messy?
no one
33)yr shortest relationship?
34)hu do u look like?
35)hw do u tink of yrself?
duno hw describe....
36)do u noe hu jack-off onstantly?
37)hw old is yr crush or stead?
38)hu do u hate the nost?
hu spam muaii bloqq
39)If u cn travel,whr do u wan to go & y?
I only wanna be wibb....Darlings Gang,6.7family & jie,kor,mei,di
40)Tag 10ppl to do tis quiz
-Chye Fen
-Wan qin
-Xin rui

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