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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1st day without mummy....

Hihi,this is e first day when mummy is in genting with my aunt and grandpa.They will be c0ming back 0n thurs nitez....Yesterday idoit lorsomebody keep saying me...I just ask hyme something den he say me.This is specially forr the particular person.Dun always tink u re rite...sometimes u are wrong k...for example u ask darling Cf whether i gt cor her rite?Sorry 2 tel u nope...hahas...always tink i petty...no..i am not.U are...Ai...my father just c0m den ltr say i put the tissue paper on the table den i put it back 2 the original place den he say i nvr made any improvement...I am s0 b0red i tried 2 help darling rt 2 make her blog template bt cannot...Hmmm c whether any of my friend can help me...DARLING GANGS RAWKSS
Darling Gang includes me,Regina,Chye Fen,Jennifer and YiWei...(Those who is in 6.7 HGPwill noe that...and guess what our form teacher called me,Regina,Chye Fen and Pei Shan san gu liu po(in chinese...)

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